Blank "Autodesk Licensing" window when trying to activate AutoCAD LT 2018

You are activating AutoCAD LT 2018 and after clicking "Enter a Serial Number" during the activation phase, the software shows a blank window "Autodesk Licensing" and does not proceed with the activation. 

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Corrupt installation of AutoCAD LT caused either by user restrictions or antivirus/anti-malware system.


  • Perform a Clean Uninstall of AutoCAD LT 2018.
  • Download the full installation package through Virtual Agent or via Browser Download method from Autodesk Account.
  • Disable any antivirus on your machine.
  • Disable User Account Control in Windows Control Panel.
  • Run the installation with the new installation files.
  • Once completed, run AutoCAD LT 2018.
  • On activation select "Enter serial number" - you will be able to complete the activation and finally run the software.
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