Error 1601 installing Revit/ Revit LT 2018

You are not able to install Revit (or Revit LT) 2018 due to an Error 1601 on theinstallation log file.


The installation is failing on the attempt to install ODBCInstallDriver64 because Windows already has ODBC driver installed.


A corrected *.msi file, to workaround the problem, can be downloaded and used to replace the existing Revit (or Revit LT) 2018 install *.msi, on downloaded installers or deployments that include Revit/Revit LT 2018, doing the following:


Revit 2018


  • Clear TEMP folder, Turn Antivirus Off.
  • Then run the Revit 2018 installation again from the Setup.exe
Revit LT 2018
  • Please download the RTL.msi file from the box folder:
  • Replace the file on the folder: C:\Autodesk\Revit_LT_2018_G1_R1_Win_64bit_dlm\x64\RLT\RTL.msi
  • Clear TEMP folder, Turn Antivirus Off.
  • Then run the Revit LT 2018 installation again from the Setup.exe
To Manually Correct this issue: 

1) Make a backup copy of the RVT.msi (or RTL.msi) file located here:
  • C:\Autodesk\Autodesk_Revit_2018_English_Win_64bit_dlm\x64\RVT\RVT.msi
  • C:\Autodesk\Revit_LT_2018_G1_R1_Win_64bit_dlm\x64\RLT\RTL.msi

2) Download, install and run Microsoft Orca.

3) Open the RVT.msi (or RTL.msi) file in Orca, search for ODBCDataSource & ODBCDriver and delete the keys below:
REvit 1601 - DSBCDataSource
4) Save the Orca revised RVT.msi (or RTL.msi) file.

5) Clear TEMP folder, Turn Antivirus Off.

6) Run the Revit (or Revit LT) 2018 installation again.

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