What URLs / protocols should be accessible for Desktop Subscription to work?

How does Autodesk Desktop Subscription work?

Customers who purchase Desktop subscription, are associated with an Autodesk Account, and can install the product from the Accounts Portal. After successful installation, users need to login, to use the software. The login process, determines the user’s entitlement to run the software. The licensing component collects and sends product usage data to Autodesk servers, daily, in compliance with the Autodesk Privacy Policy Statement.

What URLs / protocols should be accessible for Desktop Subscription to work?

If your computer connects to the Internet through a firewall or a proxy server, please ensure that the proxy is configured to allow unrestricted and anonymous access to the following URLs. The default port number for HTTP is 80 and for HTTPS is 443. 

URL's in green are for Meta products or desktop subscription that contain a S/N, URL's in Orange are USER license only (No S/N).  All the rest are shared URL's between User and Meta.  Most teams support a S/N and a non-S/N product so you would need the entire list to be white listed.


























Optional links for IPM and Buy function:


Buy link


IPM - URI Services


IPM - TCE Configuration


IPM - WWM page

Does the user have to be online constantly to use Autodesk Desktop Subscription products?

Users are authenticated via a login dialog box upon starting an Autodesk product, and should be online at this time. After that, the user needs to connect to the Internet at least once in every 30 days to continue using the software.

What information is sent from user machine to Autodesk?

During login, the following information is sent to Autodesk servers

  • Autodesk Account credentials 
  • Time and Date of Access
  • IP Address

Every 24 hours, an authorization process sends the following information

  • Serial Number
  • Product Line Codes / Product Key
  • IP Address
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