AutoCAD uses the wrong graphics card

On a system with integrated graphics (mostly laptops), your AutoCAD-based product uses the integrated graphics adapter instead of the advanced or discrete graphics card. 


The technology for the dual video configuration is called "Optimus" by NVIDIA and "Enduro" or "Dynamic Switchable Graphics" by AMD. The problem occurs because the switching software chooses the wrong GPU for AutoCAD.


To avoid this behaviour in AutoCAD 2016, apply Hotfix 4 that can be downloaded from the following link. To avoid this behaviour in AutoCAD 2017, install the 2017.1.2 Update that can be found in the Autodesk Account:  Install Updates, Add-ons, and Enhancements   

If you are using an earlier or later release, apply the two possible solutions below:
  • Disable the integrated (or switchable) adapter in your computer BIOS to force the system to use only the high-end graphics. The bios setting may be labeled along the lines of "default video," "integrated video," "Intel video," "Optimus," or "Enduro."

  • From your video driver control panel, manually set the proper GPU for AutoCAD to use (see Crash on systems with integrated (Intel HD) and discrete GPUs (NVIDIA/AMD)).

  • On non-mobile systems the video driver control panel might not have the option to choose the proper GPU. In this case uninstall the drivers for the unwanted graphic card and use a group policy to prevent Windows from re-installing the driver (Group Policy for Beginners)
Note: Some computer systems may use a master-slave video configuration. Intel HD Graphics is the master and NVIDIA/AMD is slaved to it. All display signals go through the Intel chipset no matter what card is being used. With this configuration, the second option above is the only solution. The BIOS will not have a setting to disable dual graphics. 
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