Autodesk Inventor crashes when opening a file from Autodesk Vault

When opening files from Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Inventor crashes and the CER report appears.


In the current windows user profile folder there are some files which could be the cause of this Inventor crash.


Following these steps could help solve this crash: 
A) Server
  • When using Inventor Bibliotheks then check, that all files *.v in the Subfolder _V have the right permission. (Disable ReadOnly)
B) Client
  • Close all open Autodesk applications.
  • Launch Windows explorer.
  • Go into the current windows user profile with   %APPDATA%/Autodesk/ 
User-added image
  • Rename the following folders, when exist:
    • AutoCAD 2017 Vault Addin
    • Inventor 2017 Vault Addin
    • VaultCommon
  • Launch Inventor and open the file from Vault again.
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