Many missing elements in Revit 2017 model


Users reported that when opening a Revit 2017 model the following error is received: 
The model {filename}.rvt is missing many elements, and it cannot be opened.


This incident is being investigated for a possible cause and resolution.

Additional Information:

In reviewing the journals, preceding the error, you may see lines recorded similar to the following:
'C ##-MONTH-#### ##:##:##.###; 7:< Owner cache of element {ID} of class SunAndShadowSettings was 32 of class DBViewPlan, now is -1 of class <deleted>
' 7:< DBG_WARN: [ISL] Number of live elements (2) exceeds total (1) in increment#1: line 150 of ModelStorage\Reconsolidater.cpp.
' 8:< FileCheckDiagnostic missing elem {ID}
' 8:< FileCheckDiagnostic ElementStorageSwapout::relinquishToElemTable: 1 missing elements are removed
Note: These lines will likely be recorded in separate journals, and possibly by separate users. 
This issue can occur when deleting view templates applied to views with the sun path turned on, and choosing to remove view template references.


  • To prevent/minimize the incidence if this error:

  1. Ensure that the 2017.2.1 update is applied or 2018.0.1 (for Revit 2018). This update addresses one possible cause of missing elements. (The update can be downloaded through the Autodesk Desktop App or from the Autodesk Account Management page.
  2. When deleting view templates, select the option “Choose a replacement view template”, instead of the “Remove view template references” option.
  • To handle the error when it occurs:

  • If another user has the model open (when the error is reported), go through the following steps to clear the error:
1. In the open model, synchronize using the Compact Central Model option.
2. Have the user encountering the error try creating a new local model.
Note: If the error continues, more than one compact operation may be required.
  • If no copies of the model are open, recover a backup of the model.
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