AutoCAD 2017 installation completes with error "Some products failed to install."

You started AutoCAD 2017 installation from your Autodesk Accounts portal using and from AutoCAD trial download site, but installation failed each time. 



The default installation method for Autodesk software from the product trial and Autodesk accounts portal is "Install Now" method.  This method streamlines (downloads and Installs the software simultaneously) an Autodesk software installation, and if downloading software components fail during your Autodesk software installation that would result the installation failure.


You can use alternative download methods, Download Now or Browser Download to download Autodesk software installer and proceed with the product installation after downloading the complete installation package.  You can also download AutoCAD 2017 installer from Autodesk Virtual agent as follows: 

1. go to 
2. click on ASK - this opens Autodesk Virtual Agent window 
3. click on Download Links 
4. click on AutoCAD Products 
5. then on Autodesk AutoCAD 
6. select the appropriate product and click the link to download.  

Note: you need to save both parts of ACAD 2017 installer in the same folder (e.g. C:\Autodesk).  Then double-click on the first file (the file that has 001 in its name) to start the product installers extraction process.  

Then install AutoCAD 2017 as follows: 
1. Logon as an Administrator.  
2. Empty your TEMP folder.  To open the TEMP folder, type %TEMP% in the address bar of Windows Explorer and hit Enter. 
3. Disable your Antivirus software. 
4. Disable UAC.
1. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > User Accounts > User Account. 
2. Click on Change User Account Control settings link. 
3. Move the Slider to Never Notify. 
4. Click OK to make the change effective. 
5. Reboot.
6. Install ACAD 2017. 
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