Extrude/Revolve/Sweep Issue


The created sketch cannot sweep, be extruded or revolved. This issue occurs when the loop is not closed, even though it may appear closed at first look as shown in the example below.


This issue generally occurs when one or more constraints are missing in the sketch.


1. Right Click on the sketch and select "Closed Loop"

2. Press "OK" and start select lines on the sketch to find where the open loop occurs.

3. The following command should come up on successful detection of the open loop with the end point highlighted.

4. Select "Yes", now the loop is closed and one can extrude, revolve or sweep the profile.


Note:  In order to avoid such issues ensure the following:

  • When starting a New Sketch, start from the origin.
  • Fully constrain the sketch before attempting to extrude the profile. The sketch is closed and fully constrained when it's purple. If the sketch or part of the sketch is green its either not closed or not fully constrained.




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