Missing Content Center Files on Opening an Assembly.


Missing content center parts when opening an Assembly. You have the option to “Skip” the missing content and open up an unresolved assembly, the following prompt will appear.



This issue could be caused by the following scenarios:

1. You have recently upgraded to a newer version of Inventor. In this case follow Solution 1.

2. You are working on a network in a shared folder. For this scenario Follow Solution 2.

Solution 1

Essentially the default content center directory path is related to your Project, which is Content Center Files 2016. It simply can’t find those parts as the new default Content Center Files are of the 2017 Version of Inventor. All you have to do is  the following.

Copy and merge the contents of:

C:\Users\your name\Documents\Inventor\Content Center Files\R2016\


C:\Users\your name\Documents\Inventor\Content Center Files\R2017\




Change Library path in your project to point back to the old path:

C:\Users\your name\Documents\Inventor\Content Center Files\R2016\



Solution 2

When working in a shared environment the project file must be set so that it points to a central directory that all users can access. All individual user created files on each user’s computer must be moved and merged to a new shared central location.



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