Style Migration on a Template


If you create a Template File and find that when you try to use this template file that the changes you made to Layers, Dimension Styles, Text Styles etc are lost, you need to follow these steps.

This should save you lots of time in the future.


1. Project Styles Setup

To add Styles to a Template File, use the following procedure.

2. Modify Styles Layers Title Box etc...

3. Save Styles to Styles Library

4. Saving Template

5. Using Template File

6. Styles Conflict - It may warn of a style conflict when you try to use your template file. Select OK to use the changes made to the styles.

 7. If the styles conflict warning occurs open and update the template by following these steps.

  • Inside Inventor go to "Open" hence navigate to the template. This should follow the path directory outlined below.
  • C:/Users/Public/Public Documents/Autodesk/Inventor20xx/Templates/Metric
  • Select the template that was modified to open it.

8. Inside the Project, change "Use styles Library" from Read-Only to Read-Write in order to save the style.


9. Go to "Manage" , "Styles and Standards" tab and select "Save"






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