Creating the 'Classic Workspace' in AutoCAD Versions 2015 and Newer


AutoCAD 2015 and newer versions do not come with the 'Classic Workspace'. 


You can create a 'Classic Workspace' from scratch:

  • Enter 'CUI' into the command line,
  • In the 'Transfer' tab, right click on one of the existing Workspaces and select 'New Workspace'. Call it 'Classic',
  • On the right side of the panel under 'Workspace Contents', select 'Customize Workspace',
  • On the 'Customization in All Files' panel, select the check box beside 'Quick Access Toolbar 1'. Under the 'Toolbars' heading select, Standard, Styles, Workspaces, Layers, Properties, Draw & Modify. Under 'Menus', select the heading 'Menus'. This will select all the options in this tab,


  • Select ‘Done’. Right click on the ‘Classic’ Workspace and select ‘Set Current’,
  • Select ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’,
  • You will now be in the Workspace. On the top of the screen, the ribbon will have no tabs or panels loaded. You don’t need the ribbon. In the command line, type ‘RIBBONCLOSE’.


  • You can now rearrange the toolbars as needed.
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