Troubleshooting: Inventor Randomly Crashes


Inventor randomly crashes during operation. These random crashes can be caused by various things, such as the system that you may be running does not meet the minimum system requirements, or there are insufficient system resources for the operations you are trying to perform. Often crashes may occur due to outdated video driver or other system errors.



First ensure that you have the latest Service Packs installed for your inventor.


Also, it would be a good idea to clean all the Temp and Cache folders and memory dump files. 

1. Right Click C: Drive

2. Select "Properties"

3. Disk Cleanup 

4. Check all relevant boxes.

5. Select "Delete"


If Inventor crashes due to a graphics issue run the DirectX Diagnostics tool to scan for errors. To do this perform the following:

1. Press Win+R

2. Inside command box type "dxdiag"

3. Run 64-bit DxDiag

4. Under display tab, any graphics issues will be displayed in the notes section.


If the issue occurs due to outdated graphics driver, you may download the most up to date graphics driver from the manufacturers website. If you are uncertain as to what graphics card you are running, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Start

2. Right click "Computer" and select "Manage"

3. Select "Device Manager"

4. Your Graphics Card is displayed under "Display Adapters" ( See image below for example)


Once the type of graphics card is known, you may download your newest video drivers by following the links below.

 Nvidia Graphics

For AMD Graphics


If non of the above helps in troubleshooting your issue please submit the CRM Report to Autodesk when the program stops working and contact support by emailing 






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