"could not find the Data Management Services on SERVERNAME"


When you try to login to Autodesk® Vault client, the following error message is displayed:

..... could not find the Data Management Services on SERVERNAME
  1. Windows Update has broken or uninstalled a required component.
  2. Vault server is not installed
  3. IIS  (Internet Information Services) is not running properly
    1. App pool stopped
    2. Vault website is set to run on a different port
    3. Another application is blocking Vault from running on port 80
  4. IE (Internet Explorer) 11 is installed (IE11 is not supported in Vault 2014 and earlier releases)
  5. Temp file references
  6. Firewall is blocking the connection from client to server
  7. Corrupt Windows user profile
  8. Vault Server machine needs reboot
  9. An update of windows 10 (such as 1607) was recently installed


  • Repair Vault Server
  • Install Vault Server
  • Perform an IISRESET on the Windows command line. Check Windows Event logs for IIS errors
    • In IIS Manager, start the Application pool pointing to the Autodesk Data Management Services
    • Check the IIS Manager and check the binding options for the website to see if its running on port 8080. If it is in the Vault Client change the hostname to ServerName:portnumber
    • Find what other process is using port 80 with the command:
netstat -aon | find ":443"
  • ​Then
tasklist /FI "PID eq XX" /FO TABLE
Where XX is the PID - in one case this issue was found to be because Skype was blocking port 80
  • Uninstall IE 11 and go back to a supported Internet Explorer version such as IE 8, 9 or 10
  • Delete the contents of the Temp folder
  • On the Vault server, disable firewall, or allow traffic on port 80 (or the port designated for Vault)
  • Try to login with another/new Windows user. If it works repair the old user or use a new one
  • Reboot the Vault Server machine
  • Uninstall the windows 10 update if this made the problem
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